Sunday School Studies

Existing Sunday School classes or someone who is interested in leading a study that could develop into a Sunday School class are welcome to check out one of the following studies. A good study can help bring your class together, focus, and learn while fostering relationships through class discussion. DVD studies  can also help the teacher step back from developing full lessons for a while and refresh.

The Christian Atheist: Believing in God But Living as if He Doesn’t Exist – 6 Session DVD Study

This honest, hard-hitting, and eye-opening look into the ways people believe in God but live as if he doesn’t exist is a classic in the making.

You believe in God, attend church when it’s convenient, and you generally treat people with kindness.

But, have you surrendered to God completely, living every day depending upon the Holy Spirit?

In this six-session DVD group study pastor and author Craig Groeschel will urge you and your group to be more than just “Christian” in name, to be honest before God, and to break free of hypocrisy to live a more authentic, God-honoring life.

Your Move: 4 Questions to Ask When You Don’t Know What to Do – 4 Session DVD Study

We are all faced with decisions that we never anticipated having to make and we usually have to make them quickly.

In this four session video group study, author and Pastor Andy Stanley discusses four questions that will help participants make sound decisions with God’s help.

Follow Andy as he teaches how every decision and its outcomes become a permanent part of your story, what to do when you feel the need to pause before taking action, and how to make more of this life by making sound decisions.

This DVD-ROM contains everything you need to create your group experience:

Andy’s original message series on Your Move and four video sessions taught by Andy Stanley which are 15-20 minutes in length as well as a Participant’s Guide in PDF format which you may print for every member of your group.

LifeSource: Start a Healthy New Class – 13 Session DVD Study

13 actual DVD lessons on various topics, each starting off with a brief section on how to have a healthy class. Use this to start a new class even without a committed teacher, or use it to strengthen an existing class.

LifeSource: Help Start a Healthy New Class – Leader Kit is a low-cost resource your church can use to start new adult Sunday School classes; help develop healthy groups by providing a framework and expectations; and help future leaders understand the importance of a curriculum plan, instead of a “what are we going to study next?” meandering. Start a new class whether you have a teacher enlisted yet, or not; all you need is a group, a DVD player, and a facilitator. (13 sessions)

Kit Includes:

  • Includes Learner Guide
  • Teaching plans: 13 sessions of video teaching study plans (on such topics as work, money, character, victory, and defeat)
  • 13 sessions of video training for the entire class to lay the foundations for a healthy ongoing class (such as “Get Serious About Having Fun” and “Following Up with Guests”)
  • 13 sessions of video training for facilitators and future leaders (such as “How to Prepare a Great Lesson Every Week” and “Delegate for Effectiveness”)


How to Share Your Faith – 4 Session DVD Study

In just four one-hour sessions Kent Tucker will show them how to:

1. Present the gospel in a simple, compelling way

2. Lead someone across the line of faith

3. Respond in a positive way if someone is not receptive

4.Deal with questions that may come up along the way

One of the reasons How to Share Your Faith is unique among the personal evangelism training courses is that we specialize in “Red Zone” evangelism. To use a football analogy, when a team moves the ball down the field to the place where they are close to the goal, within the twenty-yard line, that is called being in the red zone. In a similar way, when a seeker comes to the place where he is open to God and senses that something is missing in his life, he is in the “Red Zone” of his spiritual journey. Our goal as believers is to help him cross the line of faith. But most believers do not know how to do that. That is why How to Share Your Faith unique among outreach tools. Instead of focusing on answering all the questions skeptics may ask or the different methods of personal witnessing, we specialize in one thing—training believers to confidently help those in the “Red Zone” to cross the line of faith.

Faith in Action – 4 Session DVD Study

Welcome to the Faith in Action small group study, a tool designed to help Christians examine their lives and faith in relation to the Gospel, and encourage and equip individuals to live out God’s will through social action. The call to put our faith in action resonates throughout scripture, most vividly in the example and teachings of Christ. The second of Jesus’ two greatest commandments identifies the core of faith in action: Love your neighbor. This four-session study is designed to be highly practical, not just theoretical. In other words, be prepared to act on what you learn! From the first session on, participants will be challenged to look beyond their own schedules and priorities to activate their faith in their everyday lives. The fourth week culminates in an all-church outreach, where your congregation will gather to reflect Christ by caring for those in need in your community or around the world. Beyond the church-wide outreach, each small group will be encouraged to engage in its own service project. This study aims to prepare small group members not only for these ministry experiences, but for an ongoing journey into a faith-in-action lifestyle.