Women’s Ministry

Jamie Prince
Director, Women’s Ministry

The Women’s Ministry at Cool Springs Baptist Church exists to help women face life’s challenges by encouraging a vital, growing relationship with Jesus Christ.

Our Vision is 4-Fold:

  1. To teach women to know God through His Word.
  2. To equip women to reach beyond the walls of the church and into their communities so that others might come to know Christ.
  3. To bring women into the fellowship of the church so that they might grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ.
  4. To minister to women by helping them find solutions and healing through God’s Word.

Mission Statement

The Women’s Ministry at Cool Springs Baptist Church provides opportunities for women to fulfill their calling to share in the Great Commission Christ gave to His church. Through service to others, support from other Christian women and important social contact, our women’s ministry enables women to establish and strengthen their relationship with Jesus Christ, develop in Godly maturity, develop and strengthen leadership skills, and share the message of Jesus Christ with the world.


  • We value the commission of the church and women’s responsibilities to fulfill that commission.
  • We value our relationship with Jesus Christ and our responsibility to nurture our relationship with God and with others.
  • We value the spiritual gifts God has given women and our responsibility to provide opportunities for meaningful service.
  • We value the spiritual gifts God has given men and recognize the importance of complementing those gifts in Christian service.
  • We value our children and youths and our responsibility to nurture their relationships with God and Jesus Christ.
  • We value the unique needs of women and our responsibility to help meet those needs.


  • To identify, utilize and nurture the spiritual gifts God has given to women.
  • To provide a positive climate for women to experience growth in service to Jesus Christ and his Body.
  • To equip and empower women for effective ministry to others.
  • To be Christ-like examples to our children in order to help and inspire them to use their gifts for God.
  • To address the concerns of women in a multicultural, multiethnic context.
  • To bring women’s perspectives to the issues in the church that affect women.
  • To provide avenues of meaningful Christian service for women according to their gifts.